Would you like to send one or multiple parcels? We are delighted by this. A parcel can weigh a maximum of 30 kg with us. Additionally, it must not exceed the maximum length of 150 cm and a circumference* of 250 cm.

*Calculating the circumference = 2 (A + B) + C
C = longest side

We live passion for perfection and do our utmost to offer you and your customers a service that is tailored to your needs. This includes: 


Selectable delivery times
As our customer, you decide when your delivery is to arrive with the recipient. If you place your order by midday, we will deliver your parcel the next day at one of the times listed below: 

  • Delivery until 08.00 a.m.
  • Delivery until 10.00 a.m.
  • Delivery until 12.00 p.m.

ATTENTION: These are chargeable additional options! If a set time is not specified, the shipment will reach the recipient by the evening of the following working day at the latest.

Tracking with "Track & Trace"
Once a delivery order has been placed, the sender and recipient each receive an initial order confirmation by e-mail. You can then track your delivery at any time via "Track & Trace", comfortably on our portal for customers and recipients. This provides you with an overview of the delivery status. The portal offers many more options, here you can find out more.

Returns management
Present-day returns processes for parcels are often complicated and time-consuming. We offer support in this area and will gladly help with return shipments along with the delivery of your parcels. Real added value – for you and your customers.

Delivery types
We distinguish between two types:

1. Delivery without receipt acknowledgement

Is the recipient difficult to reach but would like the parcel to be delivered on a particular date/time? No problem. In this case, upon request we will leave your parcel without a personal acknowledgement from the recipient, or we can leave the parcel with a person designated by the recipient.

2. Delivery upon provision of ID

Do you need the recipient to prove his/her identity? As either a customer or a freight forwarder, at your request we will check the recipient's identity at the point of delivery before the parcel is handed over to him/her.

Changes to delivery
Before an attempted delivery, you can change the delivery conditions at any time – it's easy and flexible. For example, you can change the recipient or the recipient's address so that your parcel is delivered to a different address (office, neighbour's house or your holiday residence).

Multi-Parcel Shipment (MPS)
This service enables you to send several parcels, which we can collect from different locations, and deliver them easily and conveniently to one single recipient address.

International shipping
Our parcel service knows no boundaries. Working together with our international partners, we can deliver your parcel to more than 195 countries. Whether nationwide or international – we will take care of it.

Environmentally friendly boxes
Send your goods in our ecological, environmentally-friendly boxes, which offer greater protection than cardboard boxes. The environmentally-friendly boxes include a clip box seal and an ID code, ensuring secure delivery. We also scan at all key points so that your boxes can be tracked online at any time.

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